Real Estate Prices are down, aren't they?

If you choose to believe headlines screaming at us from the business section of every daily newspaper in the country, that would be your conclusion. Listen to the talking heads on the financial news shows on cable TV and you'd be further convinced.  

Safe air travel isn't news, but the occassional disaster is. Suppose you knew that prices were actually UP in 1 out of 3 metro markets in the US? According to their latest quarterly survey, that's exactly what the National Association of REALTORS found out (NAR).  

Here are some more facts you won't read about in Financial Times: 

Less than 10% of all homeowners have so-called 'sub prime' loans on their residences. 

Sellers who sold their home in the 1st quarter who purchased a home 6 years ago saw a sizable increase despite the recent woes in the market. The median increase in value in that time period was 23.8% or $37,700.  

Want more objective news about the real estate market? Read the complete survey: 

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