Air Jamaica and Cayman Airways look to cooperate

After a preliminary meeting on Monday, 30 June, Air Jamaica and Cayman Airways jointly announced the two carriers have begun to explore several areas of cooperation, which would benefit both airlines. 

The discussions come on the heels of a meeting of Ministers of Tourism and International Transportation held in Antigua a few weeks ago where both airlines were present. The purpose of that meeting, said a joint press release, was to discuss the crisis facing the Caribbean region from the fallout in airlift resulting from the spiralling increases in the price of fuel and associated challenges in the airline industry. 

Both airlines agreed to meet and discuss areas of cooperation that could reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Jamaica and the Cayman Islands both need to attract North American tourists and the airlines agreed that ways need to be found not only to maintain but also increase airlift to their respective territories through joint cooperation. 

Attending the meeting from Air Jamaica were Shirley Williams, Chairman, and Will Rodgers, Acting President/CEO, along with other executives. Cayman Airways representatives comprised Chairman Angelyn Hernandez and Vice President Flight Operations, Olson Anderson. 

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