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Are you thinking about coming to The Cayman Islands? Perhaps looking to buy a holiday home? Take a look at what these recent visitors had to say about The Cayman Islands. 

A Paradise To Visit Over and Over! 
My family and I have been visiting the Cayman Islands for several years now. We haven't been there in over a year and we all long for it... the white coral sand and gentle tropical breeze in the evening...aaahhh - it is a true paradise. 

We usually stay on the East End and then onto 7 Mile Beach, the Westin (always!). Each side of the island is different from the other. Both have relaxing and docile waves crystal & blue. 

The food is excellent almost every place you go. Our favorite places, but not limited to, the Sunday Brunch at the Westin, The Champion House for local good food, Calypso Grill (yum! toffee pudding), and tons more from the Jerk Chicken stands to the BBQ places off the road to the East End. Or just go to the local grocery store like Hurley's or Fosters and make your own meals (or pick something up there already made). Heaven. 

Anyway, if you haven't been to the Cayman Islands - you owe it yourself. And to top it of, the people of the Cayman Islands are like no other. They stand proud with their family traditions and deep religious principals. I lovely country trying to keep their heritage and gentleness while keeping up with the world in technology, music, finance, etc. 

Truly, God sprinkled extra heavenly dust on these small islands. 

Heather Van Swearingen 
San Rafael, United States 

Fun, thank you 
I really enjoyed the Cayman Islands. Seven mile beach was not as extraordinary as New York's and sting ray city really was a once in a life time experience. Thank you Cayman Islands for helping me have the summer of a life time. 

Frankie Romero 
Bronx, United States Minor Outlying Islands 

wunderful stay 
Seven mile beach was wunderful! Stingray city is a must do experiance. We rented a car and drove easily around the island. A lovely place! 

Ulrika Holmkvist 
Stockholm, Sweden 

The Caymans dont leave without trying the rum.. It's the best!! 
The Caymans is the best place to visit. The rum shops are wonderful you will have a buzz. The rum cakes are also and the people are very friendly. I suggest if you have never been be sure to go you would be making a wonderful vacation choice. We are going next year also. 

Leah Cribb 
Columbia South Carolina, United States 

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