Gustav Leaves

As the final traces of Hurricane Gustav recede from Cayman, it is evident that our islands have reason to be thankful. It is also clear that advance national and individual preparations had roles in reducing the effects of what was potentially a devastating threat: 


On Grand Cayman, assessment teams ensured that storm debris was tackled promptly and the few areas that had experienced electricity supply disruptions saw the early arrival of CUC repair crews. As Gustav moved on, the island's water supply was also inspected and pronounced safe. For most residents, it was business as usual by early afternoon. 


For the Sister Islands the picture is also encouraging. His Excellency Governor Stuart Jack (CVO) and Leader of Government Business, Hon Kurt Tibbetts , JP, left for an inspection tour of both islands this afternoon and two Royal Navy ships Wave Ruler and HMS Iron Duke are on hand to support initial recovery efforts. 


For Cayman Brac, things are already positive. Crews quickly cleared debris from main roads on the north coast and south side, although some downed utility posts are still to be tackled. Prompt action also ensured the restoration of electricity to all areas other than the West End. 


And on Little Cayman, progress is being made in clearing debris such as downed trees. While power is still out island-wide, a CUC crew from Grand Cayman is headed there tomorrow (Sunday 31 August) to conduct damage assessment and to begin restoration work.