Cayman Offers Hope to British Job Seekers

With many British financial service companies adopting a conservative approach to recruitment, many job-seekers are looking further afield. 

Jobs in the Cayman Islands are emerging as a top alternative choice for job hunters as the credit crunch continues to bite. 

Recent research by Morgan McKinley has shown than job-seekers in the UK financial services industry must wait 58.8 days to find a new role -- up from 42 days in June last year. 

Cayman's booming offshore sector has gone from strength to strength in recent years and although the number of positions is down on previous years because of the current climate, there are plenty of jobs in Grand Cayman for those prepared to relocate to the Caribbean. 

As one of the world's largest financial centres, the Cayman Islands is a base for a number of the world's largest financial institutions and attract a regular flow of prime job-seeking talent from the UK. 

Steve McIntosh, chief executive, of Grand Cayman-based specialist recruitment firm CMLOR has seen the number of applications rise in recent months. 

And in a short space of time, CML has quickly grown to become the largest specialist recruitment firm in the world -- clear proof of a buoyant offshore market according to McIntosh. 

"We are continuing to expand on the back of increasing demand," he said. "Anyone looking for a financial services position should seriously consider legal or accounting jobs in the Cayman Islands. 

"If you hold the right qualifications and experience you will certainly not have to wait almost two months for a job... " 

The benefits of moving to the Cayman Islands are obvious, with lucrative tax-free salaries and a high standard of living and a great sub-tropical climate. 

As a British Overseas Territory and international financial centre, Accounting and Legal jobs in the Cayman Islands have always attracted interest from UK job-seekers, and this is set to rise as the UK market becomes more competitive. 

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