Six named for Certificate and Badge of Honour

Governor of the Cayman Islands, Duncan Taylor has named six Caymanians for New Year's honors. Each will receive the Cayman Islands Certificate and Badge of Hon our. 
Frances Zelmalee Ebanks was named for services to education and culinary culture, while Claira Juanita Range has been honored for services to Her Majesty's Prison Service. 
Cora Grant-James was named for services to the community, and John Cameron Jackson Doak has been recognized for services to architectural history. 
Finally, Owen Murphy Farrington and Harold Burnell Banks have been named for services to seamanship in the Cayman Islands. 
Not all the Badge and Certificate recipients could be reached, but Mrs. Ebanks said she was honored by the award, saying that she was "not a front-line person", but had been an elementary school teacher for 34 years. 
Mr. Farrington said he was 'honored' to receive the recognition, and, on his work with the underprivileged, he said, "I took on some youngsters from broken homes, and it seemed to be a good idea, thankfully, They grew up to be good men."