Grant-James has lent time, devotion to Cayman community

A lifetime resident of West Bay, Cora Grant-James attends the John Gray Memorial Church in West Bay. 
During the Christmas season, she helps church organisers to distribute home cooked meals to the elderly and the less fortunate in the community. 
In addition to her work in the community, Mrs. Grant-James also takes on roles with a more civic focus, a leading reason she has been honoured with the Cayman Islands Certificate and Badge of Honour. 
In the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan, she was appointed to the West Bay Hurricane Recovery Committee, whose job it was to assess contractors- estimates for property repairs and dispense government funds to carry out recovery work. 
Mrs. Grant-James has been employed by RBC Royal Bank (Cayman) Ltd., for more than 30 years and holds the position of manager of debt collections. She is also actively involved in her employer's community outreach programmes, including the RBC Children's Cancer Fund Walk, which raises thousands of dollars locally to assist with the care and treatment of young people diagnosed with cancer.