Kjell most impressed by Jessica

Jessica Mc Taggart, the Caymanian star, was rated as the best rider by Norwegian judge Kjell Myhre at the Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation's first dressage show of 2013. 
"Jessica is the star here, she is a very competent rider with a lot of experience," Myhre said. "This is the first time I'm seeing her ride and it's an inspiration for others to have such a refined rider. Members of the Cayman Riding School did well too, using different horses." he concluded. 
McTaggart, who turns 28 in April, emerged one of the meet's big winners, claiming the Adult Prix St. George category on her horse called Ray on Light at 66.579 per cent and topping the Adult Elementary class on Partenon at 65.270 per cent. 
Phoebe Serpell won the Children's Elementary segment on Me and My Shadow at 56.351 per cent. Thea Millward, on Iggy Pop, claimed the Children's Preliminary category at 63.103 per cent. Petra Pinkerton nabbed the Children's C Test crown on Durango at 54 per cent. 
Myhre was only in Cayman for a week, but while he was here, he staged dressage clinics.