Mentoring Cayman serves up advice for future generations

Last week, members and mentors of the Chamber of Commerce's Mentoring Cayman programme attended a luncheon presentation, at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort. 
This year, more than 50 students have been paired with mentors, and since the programme was launched in 2002, more than 300 students have taken part. 
The programme pairs high school students with a mentor in their field of interest, giving students an opportunity to experience a working environment. 
At the presentation, the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce invited students on their third workplace visit, to hear a presentation from speaker Garth Arch, who was recipient of the Young Cayman Leadership Award in 2012. "He provided himself as a living example of what hard work can do," said Nicolas Thompson, who is being mentored by Cayman Islands Deputy Governor Franz Manderson. "Speeches like that are why I enjoy being a part of the Chamber of Commerce's Mentoring Programme because it's so full of great opportunities and experiences." he said. Mr Mandeson said, "I care about our youth and I want to give young people an opportunity to understand how the government works and hopefully they will be willing to join the civil service."