Civil servants support charity

Last week, hundreds of civil servants took part in a dress down day to support Rotaract Blues Open Arms Programme. 
Open Arms promotes non-discrimination for disabled persons and aims to help integrate those living with disabilities into the community. 
Rotaract Blue have organized dress down months to raise awareness of the different disorders, and asked companies to wear a specific colour associated with the disorder on any chosen day. 
The Honorable Deputy Governor and Head of the Civil Service, Mr. Franz Manderson, JP said, "On behalf of the entire Civil Service, I commend Rotaract Blue on their efforts within the Open Arms Programme and I am pleased that we were able to support persons living with disorders through this initiative. I wish to thank the many Civil Servants who participated in this dress down day. I look forward to the Civil Service participating in similar initiatives in the future, as we work towards becoming a more community-minded Civil Service."
The Cayman Islands Civil Service, which is the first organization to participate in the programme donated a total of CI$1135 to support the fight against ADD in March.