How to avoid a haunting at your home.

Be afraid parents, be very afraid. These little trick-or-treaters posing on the front of this weeks may look cute now, but a recent Coldwell Banker survey shows you may still be supplying them with candy into their 30s! 

According to the survey, these boomerang kids are acting as if 27 is the new 18. 70 percent of respondents believe that too many adults living at home with their parents are avoiding responsibility. 65 percent believe too many young adults who live at home after finishing college are overstaying their welcome. 
On a UK study shows millennials are moving back in with their parents in droves. A frightening 8.2 million adults between 20 and 24 cannot find full time employment and choose to rely instead on the bank of Mum and Dad. 

We suggest handing out tips and tricks on saving to the little ghouls and goblins this Thursday night. In fact, print off the advice Mike Lightbourn, president of Coldwell Banker in Bahamas gives parents about turning pocket money or birthday money and education about the savings process into a sizable chunk of change during your child's (legitimate) stay at home - her first 18 to 20 years. 

Stateside, landlord Roy Condrey has launched DiedInHouse after one of his tenants advised him that his rental property was haunted. You can find some macabre reading about murders and deaths if you have a US address you suspect was the scene of something grizzly. TIME goes further and covers 14 haunted or just plain creepy homes for sale. Fans of The Amityville Horror get ready to live the nightmare for $289,000.  

Fear not Cayman buyers, our local knowledge extends to the Other Side where it is well known that if the listing price sits at Market Value, you should jump right in. What you should be scared about is our list of sold properties which is getting larger by the week. Don't miss out on further great deals - drop us a line for a list of what's selling in your area

For you sellers, if your property does not have the correct listing price, you may well end up haunting it yourself with a too-long-on-the-market curse. The quickest way to find out what the right listing price is, send us an email. If you're still concerned with paranormal activity, Houselogic provides an excellent excuse not to remodel: When you remodel, you change the restful spirits environment, and it may not be comfortable with the outcome. Hopefully that gets you off the hook housework-wise this weekend. 

Nerves are jittery in the UK according the Although 78% of Britons predict the average UK house price will rise in the coming year, there is no change in their perceived barriers to buying: 63% worry they will not be able to raise a big enough deposit and a quivering 58% are afraid of losing their job - we wonder who'll be taking the leap to home ownership before Christmas. 

Which is only 58 days away. Now, here's a Coldwell Banker Cayman Islands Realty secret to take some of the scare out of buying: November to February is a great time for property hunting. There are benefits to working with mortgage professionals, sellers and real estate agents at this time of year that we're happy to go over with you. There�s no trick here - only a houseful of treats. 

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