CBWeekly Nov 18th

(Holy Cow Batman! How do people manage without a good partner?

Investigate a partnership this week, get a reward of $2,147,483,647 next? 

Our partnership with Hamptons International goes from strength to strength this week. The Bermuda Sun reports from there about how linking with Hamptons in the UK is a boon for clients of Coldwell Banker. This exclusive agreement is about doing the hard work of building relationships and working out issues together. 

Can't it be the same in our society? 

The opinion poll on todays asks are the changes to immigration policy in Cayman Islands  for the best? 34% don't know, 26% say no, 19% say the changes are meaningless.  

As professionals used to complex issues that arise during deal making, it is clear that immigration and residency cause tension and confusion, the debates rarely give rise to goals for success.  

Owner/Broker J.C. Calhoun tackles the issue with his article on the front page of the Cayman Islands Journal. 

As he says, proper education and a transparent residency policy are the two areas that need to be working in partnership in order to get the best set of solutions for our country into place. 

What is your opinion? How does immigration policy affect your life in Cayman? Who would you partner with to deal with residency issues? Feel free to comment on Facebook 

Sometimes, you've just got to scrutinize a partnership: We wish Small Business owners in Texas GOOD LUCK this week. The IRS has made auditing small business partnerships in the State, rather than large corporations, it's new focus... We hope you grow business relationships and not stress related health issues Texas! 

Have you heard of the Trans-Pacific Partnership? The TPP is a proposed free trade agreement under negotiation by Australia, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam. Experts suggest it is the "most important trade agreement on the world agenda right now," with almost 40 percent of world GDP involved in the deal.  

There is talk online of a -reward- of $2,147,483,647 for supplying Wikileaks with official documents relating to the agreement. 

Anyone care to offer some partnership investigation tips?!  

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