CB Weekly November 24th 2013.

Naked people need homes too. 

Does two make a trend? Back in October we reported a homeowner including her Maserati with her real estate deal. Today we note anyone willing to spend $12.75 million for a waterfront Boca Raton mansion will get a $450,000 Rolls Royce with the deal. Home sellers in need of a valuation on your Honda , Hummer or other, please let us know this month.  

Because agents really do need to specialise these days as Jackie Youngblood, star of TLC's "Buying Naked" reminds us. No prizes for guessing Jackie specialises in selling to nudists. She explains "The nudist community's just like any other community. Except, we're nude".  

Sorry Jackie, that's completely unlike the vast majority of communities everywhere prompting one delivery man to exclaim "I was expecting to just walk in, drop the package off, but there's more than one package in that house". 

Stop staring! (Can't? then see more on our Pinterest Board here) There are classier trends arising elsewhere:  Toronto Life provides a quick cheat sheet to the housing marking for 2014. Prices will go up, reverse migration from the suburbs to the downtown core is set to stay steady and the murmur of millennials entering the market is set to get louder. Echo boomers, that's bright young things between 20 and 36 years of age to you and I, and single women are about to kick demand for affordable condos and townhomes into high gear.  

To all the single ladies, and the echo boomers, Property Advice 101: Asking a real estate agent for advice is free, you are under no obligation AND you can ask/interview/interrogate as many agents as you like - don't commit too early. 

But then, if you don't commit at all - you may end up another statistic in the worrying GOMO trend.  Grief Over Missing Out is affecting not only first time buyers who can�t land their dream home, but people in their 40's who still can't afford to buy homes for sale.  

This form of clinical depression is being tackled by helpful Rick Otton whose claim to fame is his book 'How to Buy a House for A Dollar'. "It's true that there is an easier and happier way to homeownership, but you can't tread this path unless you walk away from the old process" he cryptically shared. 

How about you take it that you're going to need more than one dollar to buy a home and walk away from some money wasting habits instead?  

Over on there are 50 money saving tips to get you saving for your home in 2014. We like number 44 "Take up a money-saving hobby. If a painting takes 200 hours to complete, and you normally get through a pint an hour. That's a saving of a least 700 quid a picture".  

Maybe spending 200 hours drinking $929 dollars worth of beer is a British thing, but be warned Britons, if you keep that up, you may end up doing alot more than you bargained for in the nude and without your own TV show. 

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