Windy weather brings fresh resolutions

(Unseasonably colder and windier weather is bringing fresh ideas to our office.  

After a huge level of activity for us these past weeks we're taking stock and refreshing our New Year's resolutions. Join in, refresh your goals for 2014: 

1. Eastern Inspiration 

Property hunters with longer term goals are asking about our East End land offerings - why not follow their lead? 

Knowing the area where you plan to buy land is critical and, as J.C. said the in latest 'Market Report' Phase One of the new Health City in High Rock will finish soon. We're compiling everything we can on East End Districts. Who's putting in services? What amenities will be available? Where do you find concrete plans for the area's future development? 

What advantages and disadvantages are there to buying in East End now?  

Email J.C. for his advice.

2. Eastern Promise 

Alongside development is the need for community talks. Congratulations to all involved in fixing and passing the Conservation Law. Our natural environment comes before our built environment and the year ahead should include some important discussion and debate regarding developing land and creating neighbourhoods out East. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

3. Let small designs drive your Big Ideas 

New directions in home building - tiny home; new bungalows are trends for the first time buyer to follow. 

Tailor your dreams to a smaller more energy efficient home for lifestyles centered on simple living. Clutter is out, cleaning time is short, and quality splurges make a huge impact. How you dream about your future home affects the outcome. See our inspiration for your first home on our pinterest. 

4. Build your dreams on bank rates.  

It may seem counter-intuitive but the red tape of mortgage application gives you a blueprint for designing your dream home. The best way to learn about owning a home is to jump in it and get pre-approval for a mortgage

Use the numbers to work out what kind of property you can actually afford.. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage means some reading, some forms, and some savvy saving. If you believe you're not ready to own a home, or don't have the means, think again. 

5. Resolve to be part of the solution 

What gets in the way of New Developments; New neighbourhoods; New homes; New opportunities for you?  

New crime rates. How can we as a community hope to stop criminal activity increasing on our Islands? Tell us on Facebook what you believe will curb a rise in crime in the Cayman Islands this year

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