Will Appealing to the Five Senses Help You Sell Your Home?

We know from looking at the most recent Coldwell Banker Cayman Islands Market Report written by Broker and Owner JC Calhoun that the Real Estate Market is seeing increasingly positive trends. 

As we here at Coldwell Banker in the sunny Cayman Islands are in the business of selling homes, we also make it our business to advise our clients on tips and how to's in order to ensure a quick and above all profitable sale. 

We are quite sure that you have heard and read all there is to know about staging your home, but have you ever wondered why? Yes it's to make the home look more appealing of course but have you ever stopped to think that your home, just like so many other things in life, appeal to the senses...or not. 

We found the below on Coldwell Banker NJ LLC's Facebook page and we thought it was certainly worth sharing, because it really is a slightly different way to think about the same concept, but it will certainly help you look at your home prior to a showing in a different way and who knows, it may just sell your home! 

Whether you're having an open house or allowing a private tour, while your house is on the market it will experience a lot of foot traffic. Realistically, you can't please everyone but there are at least five things you can do to appeal to the senses that will encourage a more pleasurable showing experience. Keep reading to find out more. 

Try this quick checklist that will definitely make the world's difference. 

Touch - A clean home is a must when trying to attract buyers. Do the dust test. When you swipe your finger along surfaces does it come back clean? Also, try to remember not to leave out anything that holds a significant to you. Just about everything that is left out is fair game for contact, so really access what you have on display. 

Sight - When you look around your home do you see clutter? Floors should be completely clear of any distracting items. Also remember- the chances of prospective buyers looking through every nook and cranny is highly likely, so no shoving things in the closet or under the bed. People need to be able to visual how your space can become theirs. 

Smell - If I had to choose, this would be the most important sense to pay attention to. A smelly home can be completely discouraging and off putting, not to mention it can totally ruin the chance for a sell. If you have carpets, invest in a good thorough cleaning as this is usually the source of harboring most foul smells. Also, make sure all the laundry is done, you wouldn't want an offer to pass you by because of smelly socks. 

Taste - If you can, try leaving a little snack for your guests. If your having a morning showing, coffee and sweets can really make an impression maybe not upon your home but on you as the seller. 

Sound - Another good way to spark the interest of prospective buyers is to not be there. Yes, I said it, you've (hopefully) followed all of these steps and now the last one is to beat it! Being in the home can be distracting in terns of noise but also in terms of the level of comfort your visitors will feel. They may be less inclined to really get into the nitty-gritty of your home if you are there. They may also feel compelled to limit their line of questioning in hopes you not over hearing. 

Happy selling!