How can Investing in Commercial Real Estate be Profitable for you

Investing in commercial real estate certainly has its challenges but can be incredibly rewarding too as you can earn a lot of money. It is vitally important that you choose the property and your funding sources wisely. 

The headline location, location, location that you always heart from realtors applies to commercial real estate too. You need to take the neighbourhood into consideration, how it's growing compared to similar areas. A fast growing location is attractive but you don't want the neighbourhood to to stagnate in times to come. 

It would also be wise to keep your focus on one type of property at a time, so for example either office blocks or retail as each type is going to require your undivided attention, also when you focus on just one type you will develop your expertise in that particular area. Look for an investment that has room to grow, for example look at properties that have a large number of units as more units means more cash in your pocket. 

Prior to purchasing, get a surveyor to do an in depth valuation so as to be aware of any structural or aesthetic concerns that could turn into a huge expense once you are the owner. 

Now let's go back to the topic of location and look at investing outside of the area, city or country where you would normally consider. The Cayman Islands as a tax free country, requires only a one time property tax which is payable upon purchase. There is no personal tax and no income tax. As an ever growing offshore financial centre , the Cayman Islands' corporate industry comprises a significant part of commercial real estate. Financial services account for 67% of the GDP. 

Coldwell Banker Cayman Islands has a significant list of commercial real estate listings, and as part of CIREBA's multiple listing system we have access to many more.