L-R: Rebecca Adlington, Marc Goldberg Head of Sales at Hamptons International, Phil Tennant Chief Operating Officer at Hamptons International accept Best Large Agency UK from John Notley of 

Coldwell Banker Island Affiliates, the Master Franchise of Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp. in the Caribbean and Atlantic Island region and Hamptons International, a leading estate agency in the United Kingdom, announce their exclusive partnership. This agreement strengthens the scope and reach of both companies enabling them to offer property buyers and sellers a superior level of real estate service on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.  

The agreement allows for additional exposure of all of Coldwell Banker Island Affiliates' property listings to be marketed by Hamptons International and also displayed on their website, 

Coldwell Banker Island Affiliates has been in business since 1997, when Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp. began pursuing their vision of a global real estate company. The islands of the Atlantic and the Caribbean were one of the first areas targeted for expansion of the Brand being just off the shores of the USA. The Master Franchise area known as Coldwell Banker Island Affiliates (CBIA) comprises all the islands from Bermuda on the North, Aruba and Curacao to the South, Cuba to the West and Barbados to the East. 

Today, CBIA has 21 offices covering 15 different islands throughout the Caribbean and Atlantic island region. Hamptons International is a leading residential agency operating in London, the South of the UK and overseas. With more than 140 years of experience in the property market and a commitment to industry innovation and exceptional levels of customer service, Hamptons International today offers a wealth of award-winning services including UK and international Sales, Lettings, Property Management, Corporate Services, Residential Development, Development Land and Valuation, and Property Finance. Headquartered in London's Mayfair, Hamptons International has an international network of more than 85 offices and is a subsidiary of Countrywide, the UK's largest estate agency and property services group.  

"This agreement is a smart move on the part of both companies. There has long been a connection between the Caribbean and the UK. Many people from the UK are looking to buy property in the Caribbean, so the agreement makes sense to have reputable real estate agents on both ends of the transaction," said Jim Reed, Managing Director of CBIA. 

"We are proud to have Hamptons International as a referral partner in the UK." Alasdair Hedley, Head of International at Hamptons International, says: "The demand for second homes outside of the UK is gaining momentum and we're thrilled to have extended our partnership with Coldwell Banker to include Coldwell Banker Island Affiliates. Traditionally the Caribbean has been a real hotspot for our buyers and we're looking forward to capitalizing on the opportunities that this partnership will bring."  

About Coldwell Banker' Since 1906, the Coldwell Banker' organization has been a premier full-service real estate provider. The Coldwell Banker System has approximately 3,100 residential real estate offices and approximately 85,000 sales associates in 51 countries and territories. The Coldwell Banker System is a leader in the industry in residential and commercial real estate, and in niche markets such as resort, new home and luxury property through its Coldwell Banker Previews International division. It is a pioneer in consumer services with its Coldwell Banker Concierge Service Program and award-winning Web site, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC is a subsidiary of Realogy Corporation, a global provider of real estate and relocation services. Coldwell Banker' is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Each office is independently owned and operated.  

About Hamptons International Hamptons International is a leading residential estate agent and property services organization, operating in London and the South of the UK. With more than 140 years of experience in the property market and a commitment to industry innovation and exceptional levels of customer service, Hamptons International today offers a wealth of award-winning services including UK and international Sales, Lettings, Property Management, Corporate Services, Residential Development, Land, Valuation and Property Finance. Headquartered in London's Mayfair, Hamptons International has an international network of more than 85 offices and is a subsidiary of Countrywide, the UK's largest estate agency and property services group. 

Be afraid parents, be very afraid. These little trick-or-treaters posing on the front of this weeks may look cute now, but a recent Coldwell Banker survey shows you may still be supplying them with candy into their 30s! 

According to the survey, these boomerang kids are acting as if 27 is the new 18. 70 percent of respondents believe that too many adults living at home with their parents are avoiding responsibility. 65 percent believe too many young adults who live at home after finishing college are overstaying their welcome. 
On a UK study shows millennials are moving back in with their parents in droves. A frightening 8.2 million adults between 20 and 24 cannot find full time employment and choose to rely instead on the bank of Mum and Dad. 

We suggest handing out tips and tricks on saving to the little ghouls and goblins this Thursday night. In fact, print off the advice Mike Lightbourn, president of Coldwell Banker in Bahamas gives parents about turning pocket money or birthday money and education about the savings process into a sizable chunk of change during your child's (legitimate) stay at home - her first 18 to 20 years. 

Stateside, landlord Roy Condrey has launched DiedInHouse after one of his tenants advised him that his rental property was haunted. You can find some macabre reading about murders and deaths if you have a US address you suspect was the scene of something grizzly. TIME goes further and covers 14 haunted or just plain creepy homes for sale. Fans of The Amityville Horror get ready to live the nightmare for $289,000.  

Fear not Cayman buyers, our local knowledge extends to the Other Side where it is well known that if the listing price sits at Market Value, you should jump right in. What you should be scared about is our list of sold properties which is getting larger by the week. Don't miss out on further great deals - drop us a line for a list of what's selling in your area

For you sellers, if your property does not have the correct listing price, you may well end up haunting it yourself with a too-long-on-the-market curse. The quickest way to find out what the right listing price is, send us an email. If you're still concerned with paranormal activity, Houselogic provides an excellent excuse not to remodel: When you remodel, you change the restful spirits environment, and it may not be comfortable with the outcome. Hopefully that gets you off the hook housework-wise this weekend. 

Nerves are jittery in the UK according the Although 78% of Britons predict the average UK house price will rise in the coming year, there is no change in their perceived barriers to buying: 63% worry they will not be able to raise a big enough deposit and a quivering 58% are afraid of losing their job - we wonder who'll be taking the leap to home ownership before Christmas. 

Which is only 58 days away. Now, here's a Coldwell Banker Cayman Islands Realty secret to take some of the scare out of buying: November to February is a great time for property hunting. There are benefits to working with mortgage professionals, sellers and real estate agents at this time of year that we're happy to go over with you. There�s no trick here - only a houseful of treats. 

Looking forward to your haunted house stories on Facebook

CBWeekly October 21st , 2013 

Jamie Dimon, chairman of the board, president and CEO of JPMorgan Chase. 

Lawyers for the financial giant reportedly shook on a deal worth US$13billion with the US Government over investigations into its mortgage-bond sales. Though the largest such deal between financial firm and State to date, it still leaves JP Morgan a target for criminal liability. 

We are wondering - will this news affect people currently holding off on getting a mortgage? 

For sale: 2Bed 2Bath, suitable for a SMSF 

Our Aussie cousins lead the property-boom charge again this week. Pete Wargent in the Property Observer investigates the trend of credit growth remaining at historically low levels while real estate prices skyrocket. He suggests it is because of the amount of Chinese investors buying in cash. 

New adverts may soon be needed for property listings there too. Andrew Winter of the Herald Sun claims that a new demographic in the property industry has emerged.  

'Regular Joes' investing in Self-Managed Super Funds to buy residential property is all the rage apparently.  
Originally, a SMSF was a convoluted process, used mostly by accountants and advisors of wealthy individuals. Now though, the masses are in on the act and inventory is selling well. Winter notes the property filling up with listings that are 'suitable for a SMSF' instead of 'gorgeous family home'.  

Cayman Islands Realty offers assurance to Maserati owners.

Cash rich buyers are also causing a 'frenzy' in London pushing up asking prices by 2.8% month-on-month. 

The Telegraph ignores that dull numbers angle to instead focus on art. Connections between the worlds of luxury property and original art are thrown into sharp relief by the prestigious Chilterns, in Marylebone. These residences come with an original framed photograph of Marylebone by David Bailey (each worth $20,000.  We picked out some of Baileys work for our Pinterest). 

In fact, in that market there is increasing demand for art spaces such as personal galleries. One couple in St Johns's Wood ended up with art worth more than their mansion (so they moved). 

What else will a property seller add to sweeten the deal you ask?  

On Friday, one seller said she would throw in her 2007 Maserati Quattroporte for a quick sale.  

Having checked the website this afternoon, we see her listing is no longer on the market.  

Now, we like a quick sale as much as the next brokerage, but we advise against getting rid of the Maserati. Just check in with us before listing your property to ensure you have set the right listing price. 

Friday's Forbes Where to Live article provided an interesting metric - measuring the best place to live by the cost of a bottle of champagne. Cayman hotels rank right behind Moscow at $650 a pop. (Dear Hoteliers - please tell us where we can get this fabulous deal?!)  

Champagne price comparisons are apt in light of the fact that historically our property values increase year on year. More recently Cayman Islands are receiving international praise for both privacy policies and our good standing in the tax compliance arena. 

For ultra high net worth individuals nonplussed by Russia's expensive Cristal and meager 82 days of sunshine per year, a warm safehaven overlooking the ocean must be the solution.  

Let's compare sandy tax free domiciles: 

One percent property tax for non-permanent residents 

Taxes on the first $90,000 of income. To be considered for full time residency, you need two letters of recommendation deemed worthy by the government. 

Permanent residency is difficult to get. Non-Bermudans must buy houses worth over $1 million. The government charges a 22% property tax. 

Cayman Islands 
No personal income taxes, no capital gains taxes, no corporate taxes, no payroll taxes and no withholding taxes on domestic of foreign entities. 

This begs the question - why drink champagne in our hotels when you can own waterfront property on Millionaires Row? 

Beautiful private North Side is number one for wealthy individuals seeking a real safehaven. Over the years, many of our owners in Cayman Kai, Rum Point and Kaibo have transformed secluded parcels into beautiful residences and second homes.  

Which we love to visit. We can show you every available property in one of the world's most exclusive neighbourhoods. Is it time for us to meet

Naturally, we provide the Champagne. 

These children are enjoying their swimming class at school in East End. Now we are not jealous of course. We loved our dark classrooms and swimsuit free schooldays! Rather the picture said "How much more attractive to settle into serene East End when you don't need to drive the kids to George Town daily?" 

Almost all of the land in the district of East End is undeveloped.  

There are major developments slated for areas outside George Town not least, Dr Devi Shetty's Health City. Just as the new road in West Bay is creating home buying interest there, this facility will attract major investment into East End property.  

As described in Health City will be a reforming facility; a first New Health Age hospital

It is estimated that between eight to 10,000 people will work in Health City when all systems are go. 

With that kind of interest in the area, it is safe to assume the growth and development forecasted will benefit those who buy property there now.  

On Friday there was a wonderful tribute to the Queen of Breakers , 94 year old Nell Conor from her neighbour of 40 years. East End nurtures both privacy and community. Those are the kinds of developments that can, over time, result in more pictures of smiling children in happy neighbourhoods. 

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