Last week, members and mentors of the Chamber of Commerce's Mentoring Cayman programme attended a luncheon presentation, at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort. 
This year, more than 50 students have been paired with mentors, and since the programme was launched in 2002, more than 300 students have taken part. 
The programme pairs high school students with a mentor in their field of interest, giving students an opportunity to experience a working environment. 
At the presentation, the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce invited students on their third workplace visit, to hear a presentation from speaker Garth Arch, who was recipient of the Young Cayman Leadership Award in 2012. "He provided himself as a living example of what hard work can do," said Nicolas Thompson, who is being mentored by Cayman Islands Deputy Governor Franz Manderson. "Speeches like that are why I enjoy being a part of the Chamber of Commerce's Mentoring Programme because it's so full of great opportunities and experiences." he said. Mr Mandeson said, "I care about our youth and I want to give young people an opportunity to understand how the government works and hopefully they will be willing to join the civil service."

Samara Persaud and the Miss Nicole crew reeled in almost 300 pounds of fish in two days, in the recent Barcadere Classic. 
Just over 277 pounds of fish were caught, and earned the crew a $500 fuel voucher from Scott's Landing, for the boat with the highest cumulative weight. 
Persaud earned an additional $3,000 for landing the tournament's second heaviest wahoo, at 59.6 pounds. Crew mate Vaughan Smith added to the Miss Nicole coffers by taking home $2,000 for the heaviest yellowfin tuna, at 60.1 pounds.
"Some days you catch, some days you don't, that's just fishing," Persaud said. "Catching fish has to do with the current, moon, bait choice and sometimes just being plain old lucky. Maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but sometimes I blow my reel a kiss and give it a good luck pat, not sure if that helps! Needless to say, they were biting at Pickle Bank. I don't think any boat went home empty handed." she concluded.


The Cayman Islands has been represented in major sailing regattas around the world, winning an impressive number of trophies over the past few years. 
Powerplay, a TP52 racing yacht, owned and crewed by Cayman resident Peter Cunningham, has raced in some of the biggest regattas. 
After he sold his business, at nearly 70 years old, Mr. Cunningham decided to pursue his next venture. "I wanted to have a boat to do the big boat series," he said. 
Although Mr. Cunningham had been sailing since he was a child, racing at this level was a whole different ball game. 
He wanted to buy a racing yacht and enter the big five, the Key West regatta, the New York Yacht Club regatta, Cowes Week, Les Voiles de St. Tropez and the California Big Boat series. 
He had seen TP52s in Key West, but wasn't initially keen on this type of boat. Having given it a few tries, he put in an offer for, and purchased, a TP52. He painted a stingray on the hull, registered sail number CAY52 and named it Powerplay. 
Subsequently, Powerplay was placed first in the Rolex Regatta in St. Thomas, Cowes Week in the United Kingdom and Les Voiles de St. Tropez in France in 2012.

In regards to single family homes, exclusive ownership allows home owners to alter their home and surrounding property in nearly any way. While building codes may prevent certain home additions and other large-scale renovations, owners of single family homes can adapt their homes to meet their unique goals. 

The owner of a condo is not always allowed to make such radical changes to their property. When purchasing a condo, owners are subject to the rules and regulations of the condo association or board. Typically composed of fellow residents, this governing body collects dues from condo owners to conduct ongoing maintenance of shared areas and perform any unexpected repairs. As part of the agreement with the condo board, new owners will be informed of what types of changes can be made to the interior and exterior of their property. In most cases, condo owners possess the same type of exclusive ownership inside their condos as homeowners, yet are limited in exterior alterations to maintain the uniformity of the community. 

If you are thinking about purchasing a condo, it is important to read the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) before making a commitment. These documents include all the rules condo owners must follow and can vary widely between complexes. If you have indoor pets or other specific needs, make sure these are addressed in the CC&Rs to prevent any unwanted surprises. If you don't understand any part of the CC&Rs when purchasing a condo, you can try to gain clarification from the director of the condo association. 

While the concept of shared ownership might seem limiting to potential owners, there are certainly plenty of benefits. For instance, the owner of a single family home is solely responsible for any problems with the properties, incurring all costs of needed repairs. However, the dues paid by condo owner cover many repair costs - both inside and outside the home. Furthermore, condo ownership can also provide access to amenities - such as pools, spas and recreation equipment - outside the budget of a home owner. 

Regardless of location, either a single family home or a condo can be the right fit for the right family. To make the most informed decision, all prospective homebuyers should reflect on their own lifestyles and priorities and how they relate to the different types of property ownership. While there may be many differences between house and condo ownership, the goal is always the same -finding the best home for your family.

The details of the enhanced Seven Mile Public Beach were explained during a meeting between the Government and Dart Realty Ltd. last Monday. 
Minister of Tourism Cline Glidden Jr. said on Wednesday, that the government had tentatively agreed to the plan, subject to the signing of a third amendment to the original National Roads Authority agreement. 
The beach enhancement will involve the closure of 615 feet of West Bay Road, and the southern part of the 4,290 feet of the road that will eventually be closed. 
The beach will extend east and incorporate three beach volleyball courts and a beach football/soccer pitch. A new restroom facility will be situated near those courts. 
Mr. Glidden said it is hoped the beach volleyball courts can be ready in time for the North, Central America and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation tournament, being held in Cayman at the end of March. 
"From a sports tourism perspective, these courts can make some significant inroads into hosting beach volleyball and beach football events," he said, also pointing out, that some of these events get overseas television coverage, helping promote the Cayman Islands.

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